Consumers today expect something in return. The time of one-way communication is behind us.

Today’s consumers want to interact, are willing to help in a way that is more equal, more on a conversation level. Proven and inspired by social media.

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See a fresh new approach

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1. Choose topics

Our team will make sure to create all the topics necessary to cover each touchpoint on your customer's journey.

2. Invite your customers

Each topic becomes an unique URL. All you need to to do enable your customers to speak their mind directly to you is to distribute each link - no installation required!

3. See how they feel

Now that you have put the relevant URL on your packaging, in your e-mails or smses that you send to your customers - the data starts coming in. Without any effort on your side you enjoy real-time analysis on our dashboard and / or automatic reports sent to your email.

Building trust through transparency

Allowing each of your customers to tell you how they feel with a swipe of their finger shows that you really mean it when you say you care!

  • Put the voting hyperlink on each product or at each staff member desk.

  • Enjoy a system that is built from the ground-up with GDPR, law & ethical use of data in mind.

  • Be transparent with your customers by letting them see part of the insights per topic themselves - no more "black hole" e-mails or call center calling.

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Setup once & see your customers provide you with data at each touch-point.

  • Turn each of your products into a sentiment sensor 📡

  • Monitor performance of each staff member & branch office

  • Data always gathered at Point of Interaction

  • No installation needed for you or for your customers

  • Change bot behavior on the fly in a minute - determine what follow-up questions to be asked on which topic tied to which sentiment

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Red alert!

Get notified whenever there's an issue, along with the data you need to resolve it.

  • Catch problematic product batches / service lines & act before they result in a crisis

  • Let your call-center be proactive & armed with the info they need to resolve the matter

  • See the underperforming areas & adjust your strategy

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See your data per each touchpoint - direct & in in real-time!

Have an overview always at your fingertips of how your customers feel about any of your products, services or even staff members!

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Screenshot of iPhone App

See how we help FMCG

brief video demo of how our FMCG clients use the system to:

See how we help media companies become more relevant than ever

Whether you are an online media, streamer, TV, print or even radio, see how to increase engagement & loyalty by:

See how we help HR professionals get real-time data about staff motivation

Many of our clients opt to use the system also internally, and see in real-time:

Want a custom pitch?

Choose who to start a conversation with

Have a "weather map" made of your customers' feelings

Literally see how the sentiment of your customers colors the map of your entire operations

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Get the data to train your Machine Learning models

Get the benefit of enriching your existing data sets with sentiment data layer + device meta data & social media data sets. Right from your customers and always up to date!

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See our mission & team

Pay only for what you need

Always unlimited responses


  • Monitor up to 3 topics
  • Unlimited responses
  • Online support
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$300 monthly
  • Monitor up to 50 topics
  • Unlimited responses
  • Premium support
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tailored yearly
  • Unlimited topics
  • Unlimited responses
  • Custom features & support
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