How it works?
The user opens a special URL that leads them directly to the voting experience.
Alternatively the user may click on a highlighted topic on any HTML page (or app) and get to vote without leaving the page in question.
Voting is as easy & quick & fun as it can be - simply slide the ball up or down as much as you like the topic.
Upon releasing the “voting ball” the Consentio client immediately sees the overall results in the “Management Overview” dashboard.
Each user is rewarded with a peek at how others feel about the topic & met with a relevant question which depends on the given vote.
Consentio clients can see detailed break-downs and analysis on any of their topics in the “Detailed view” of the dashboard.
If the user voted that they are dissatisfied, for example, they immediately can lodge a complaint right then and there.
Within the Detailed view of the dashboard the client sees all replies to the follow-up questions they pre-programmed in the system.