Terms & Conditions
*All of the following are to be interpreted in light of Consent IO’s desire to best meet the project’s goals whilst preserving the interests of all involved parties, including those of the end-users of the net.vote platform.

  1. Data is to be stored on cloud computing & storage provider data centre machines. Upon contract signing the client can request the specifics of the data storage solutions used by consent.io. The client can request a change in the data storage provider used by consent.io but any resulting change in data storage costs will result in a change in the pricing of the service to the client.

  2. Consent IO is to employ the use of global best practices and proprietary algorithms to ensure the prevention, detection & containment of any activity that is hostile in nature towards the net.vote system, it’s use, data gathering & use of data and takes full responsibility for the quality of the service, data & analysis provided, except in all cases when it is proven the breach was due to misuse by the client and / or part of the client’s staff.

  3. To keep with data security standards the client is NOT to share the provided by Consent IO login & passwords, data exported from the net.vote system or any technical details concerning the net.vote system, it’s processes, practices, APIs and overall technology stack with any third party without the explicit written agreement of Consent IO.

  4. Consent IO and the client share ownership of all data generated throughout the partnership, with all data specifically containing property of the client, such as but not limited to brand names, staff names, other client specific information, continues to be the sole property of the client.

  5. Consent IO can not share, disclose, sell or in any way provide access to third parties to the parts of the generated through the partnership data sets containing topics associated with the client (brands, names of staff, products, etc.).

  6. The client can request the immediate deletion of all client specific data, as so can do any of the end-users (referred to also as “voters”) of the net.vote platform, as per EU data directives.

  7. Consent IO can use any of the data to train machine learning models (and any other algorithms) provided this does not infringe on any of the other terms and the interest of the client in general.

  8. Consent IO can use parts of the shared ownership data sets for academic and / or PR purposes only after the written consent of the client..

  9. The client can use internally of the data sets associated with the client’s account at own discretion, provided they do not infringe on the rest of the Terms of Service & EU & Bulgarian law..

  10. Sharing of data excerpts and / or analytics based on the data sets with third parties is to be done only after written agreement by both the client & Consent IO.
  1. Consent IO guarantees that all data, software processes & practices are and are to continue to be fully compliant with Bulgarian law, EU law & directives

  2. Consent IO is to engage freely in all manners of marketing & public relations endeavours, as it sees fit (considering the rest of the Terms of Service and pending any additional contract clauses) in order to promote its services, including but not limited to the use of the net.vote system by end-users (also referred to as “voters”).

  3. The client is to promote the use of the net.vote system by its staff & end-customers by any means it deems appropriate and necessary.

  4. Consent IO is to continue to strive to further improve all aspects of the net.vote system, including but not limited to its overall performance, user interface, user experience and the implementation of further psychological & other benefits to the end-users (also referred to as “voters”) in order to further increase the use of the net.vote system.

  5. The client can, at their own discretion, provide further incentives for the use of the net.vote system by both their staff & endcustomers by applying any form of promotional, marketing, or other schemes, programmes, etc. in order to distribute value to their staff and / or end-customers through the use of the net.vote system.

  6. Consent IO takes full responsibility for the protection of the identity of the end-users (also referred to as “voters”) of the net.vote system.

  7. Consent IO uses and is to continue to use global best practices and proprietary technology and business practices in order to ensure the protection of the end-users’ choice of level of anonymity overall or on a per-use case.

  8. Consent IO is to share with the client any specific information that each end-user (also referred to as “voter”) chooses to share with the client, including but not limited to name, e-mail address, phone number, client number, etc.

  9. The client and their staff are fully responsible for all information that the client’s end-customers have consciously chosen to share with the client & thus the net.vote system has relayed onto the client.

  10. Consent IO is to protect the interests of the client & the partnership for a period of at least 5 years after the end of the contractual agreement between the two parties.