Technical scope

The following is a comprehensive list of all data types, data sources and service components that are within the scope of this proposal. However, upon following negotiations and / or future system upgrades & developments, these can change accordingly.

Data types & sources

Screen resolution, operating system, browser version & type, device timestamp
from device
IP address, ISP name, IP based geolocation
from ISP
Referral URL, QR code implementation subdomain
from context
Profile ID, username, first name & family name, list of friends who also use the app, birthday, gender, profile photo & cover photo, language & country, city & state, home city, page likes & interests
from social media
Login name, login password, current city, age, e-mail address
from alt registry
Phone number, current physical address & any other explicitly requested and consciously granted by the end-user
post-voting QnA
Voting behaviour
Choices and comments in the Questions N Answers section
Referrals, points of access, duration & frequency
Establishment of baseline user behaviour
Assignment of data source & data point authenticity dynamic values
Assignment of opinion leader dynamic values
Assignment of interconnectivity dynamic values
Assignment of anchor value data source dynamic values
Service components

Dashboard access
Setting up tiered access to the dashboard & services allowing everyone in your organisation to see only what they need.

Management overview
This proprietary component of the dashboard allows you to see how your organisation is performing at a glance.

Detailed view
Designed for marketing & research professionals this component allows for deeper diving into the various data sets.

Data export
Professionals will be able to export the de-personified data sets in .csv or .xls formats to use in other software.

API access & implementation
Our protocols allow your IT professionals to directly “talk” to our servers & implement the interface onto your online assets, native apps & existing loyalty programs.

Automated Questions & Answers
Set up what the asks & tells your end-customers depending on how they voted for even deeper engagement

Q&A data access & messaging
Using the Q&A components you can both ask for more detailed info from your endcustomers & reward them in an automated way with discount codes & all manners of marketing promotions.