Building dialogue through data

The Consent IO team achieves a blend of marketing, business processes & software development professionals assembled around the goal of improving understanding between individuals & organisations. Our professionals will work with you and for you in order to deliver the greatest possible value from the implementation of our innovative technologies.

There is a clear need for a system that allows any person to express any opinion on any subject.

Even more so - done in a way that is transparent, accountable and provides all participants with immediate results.

Informing them how everyone else feels on any particular topic - the public opinion visualised to all.

Both the private and public sector have been employing a multitude of tools and methodologies to try to keep up with public dynamics, be it citizen voters or clients and consumers.

Yet even though all these CRM, market research, sociology, questionnaires, call centres and more recently sentiment analysis platforms, have been incrementally refined, a clear, vibrant and most importantly up to date picture of what the citizen / client / customer feels about the organisation, its services, products and staff - has been illusive.

It is our core belief that today we have both the need and the capabilities amongst all involved parties to build a better way. A new way of mass-communication that is enabled only now not only by the advent of the internet, but also by the change in consumer culture it brought with it.

It is our mission to build this platform. This system which allows for a seamless, easy, rewarding exchange of opinion. Enriched with the huge amounts of accompanying data, that empowers all those who participate to literally see and understand each other. All in a dynamic, real-time, visual way that bursts the social media bubble, transcends the data noise and ultimately results in actual insights - A dialogue through data.

Radoslav Raykov
Position: Client Success Strategy
Experience: 10 years
Rado will use his years in management consulting & public affairs to ensure the system is tailored for creating maximum value for your organisation.
Iva Sakarova
Position: Client Relations & Data
Experience: 5 years
You can always count on Iva to promptly take at heart any matter that arises during our work together & do her best to resolve it.
Anton Tumbev
Position: Sales & Partnerships
Experience: 10 years
Anton will make sure that our partnership brings about an everincreasing return on investment for you and your company.
Raymond Steers
Position: System Architecture
Experience: 25 years
With his wealth of experience in complex software project dealing with heavy data loads, Ray will ensure that all data is collected, stored securely and the platform continues to be at the cutting edge of technology.
Stanislav Stoychev
Position: Back-end Development
Experience: 5 years
Stan will continue to work relentlessly so that you and your team extract the most information & insights from our data set.
Nikolay Kolev
Position: Front-end Development
Experience: 5 years
Thanks to Niki you will be able to enjoy an ever-more friendly UI & experience.
Mariya Mladenova
Position: Research & Overall Development
Experience: 3 years
A diligent researcher and with a fresh mind able to quickly assess the latest technologies, Mariya works tirelessly to ensure you benefit from the very latest advances in tech.
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