is like tapping into that mystical global mind that has so far eluded visualization - the all powerful public opinion. Being able to feel how everybody else feels on a topic, in real-time, all the time. Like the telepaths from fairytales and comic books.

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We built you a remote control for the people at the very top

We’ve all been there - you type your mind and heart on social media only to have a few likeminded people react with no further impact. The thing is, despite caring about what people think, top decision makers don’t have the time to read everything posted online concerning their company, product, service or staff.

We are set on changing all this. By using, with literally just a swipe of your finger, you will become part of a dynamic public opinion wave that is focused, collected and always impactful. Just like a magnifying glass collects the rays of the sun into a burning point, each time you express yourself via you will leave a deep mark.

This in part is possible because on your opinion is backed up by the weight of your digital footprint. You know it just as well as we do - there is no anonymity online. So instead of having various organizations snoop on your tweets and facebook posts, we reverse the game. In order to have corporations and institutions pay attention to your opinions you need to let us in turn provide them with overall analytics. Things like what type of people express what type of opinions concerning their brands.

We will never provide anybody directly with anything that might identify you personally and will always remain an impartial middle ground, passing what’s important across only when you allow us. To show you how serious we are - in your profile on we’ve given you the power not merely to sign out or ask for your account to be de-activated, but to literally export and/or completely delete any and all of your data.

This is at the core of who we are, what we do and most importantly why we do it - to leverage technology and data so that all our voices are finally and actually heard at the very top of any organization.

By joining us on the platform you will be able to

Tap into that mystical global mind. Everytime you express yourself you will immediately be informed by our artificial intelligence chat bot of how other people feel on the topic. Even more so - you will see that no matter your opinion you are never alone to hold it. Be it around the world, in your city or amongst your friends and peers.

What’s more with you will literally be able to “talk at the guy on TV” and actually be heard - by partnering up with media we will provide the hosts of live tv shows with real-time analytics. This way you will be able to say that you liked what was said in the beginning, but very much disliked what was said a minute later. And the hosts and guests will react. All the while after your every finger swipe you see how the others using feel about it and who agrees with you.

You can use at any time, from anywhere, on any topic. Be it a brand, service, organization, trending hashtag or something as “love”. You will always see the impact of your voice. As part of a loose group or an official NGO you can put the weight of your digital footprint behind your cause of choice and literally, objectively make a measurable difference.

The platform values is a platform for making the people’s opinions matter. We can achieve this only working with you in an honest, upfront way. We need you to put your digital footprint by filling out the registration form or better yet - using Facebook connect - in order to put weight behind your opinions.

All the data you provide will always remain yours and you will be able to do with it what you please - download it or even completely erase it from our servers. We will do our best to keep your trust and provide you with the highest possible service on every step of the way. This is why if any of our partners wants to say “thank you” for you sharing your opinion with them by giving you a discount or entering a competition of sorts - we will let them do it only after you give your consent and still never provide them directly with any of your personal data.

How it works

Anytime you choose to use all you need to do is open a hyperlink in the browser of your device - smartphone, tablet or PC. will always work for you the same, regardless of the operating platform and device.

The link you will see will look like this -

You will spot it anywhere - on a sticker at the shop door, on the table in our restaurant, at the reception of the hotel, on the counter of the bank clerk, on the name tag of whoever is servicing you, on the receipt or even on the TV screen. Anytime you see it you will know for sure that if you choose to express your opinion on this topic - we will make sure “the boss” knows immediately, all without compromising your privacy in any way.

To make sure your voice can be heard on all topics that matter we will also be partnering with media outlets. Within the articles of our partner media you will spot some entities unobtrusively highlighted with a voting symbol right after them, just like this -

By clicking on them you will make the user interface come up so you can express your opinion quickly and easily, without leaving the article. Not only will you thusly make yourself heard on this topic and see how others feel about it, but you will also be helping the media in question since we will be sharing our revenue with them on a click basis. This is our way to provide another way for media to make money, away from the advertising and paid-to-print practices. All the while letting them know what content you actually care about, so they in turn can provide you with a better service.

If at any point you want to see a historical list of the topics you have expressed yourself on (and how) you can always go to your profile page by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner within the web app

From there you will also be able to log out, export all your data or even tell us to delete it all from our servers by clicking on the cog wheel in the upper right corner within your profile page.

How you become one of us

It’s simple and straight forward - you either login with Facebook or you go through our registration process. By opting for the first you will be providing us with a larger set of your digital footprint thus we will be better equipped to reach our mission and make your voice heard. What you choose, of course, is up to you.

If you really love what we are doing and what we are about you can go ahead and save the homepage on your smartphone / tabled screen by selecting “add to home screen” button from your browser or bookmarking it on your desktop browser. It will be greatly appreciated.

All your data will be securely accessed and stored on our servers, sitting behind constantly evolving state of the art security measures. Your data is yours alone and we will not provide it to any third party under any circumstances. We are taking all possible technical measures so that even we ourselves cannot isolate your particular data and access it.

The way we make money is by allowing companies to see real-time analytics about what you and others express deliberately and with full consent about their products and services. We never show them data concerning individuals - only insights made of analysing data in bulk.

This way a company can see that, for example, people aged 18 to 25 have begun disliking their product after a badly thought out advertising campaign. From this the company can take notice and stop that very ad campaign, you in particularly found pointless and even irritating.

This is what we mean by building dialogue through data - if you post an angry / complimentary tweet, chances are nobody in the company will read it. But if you use - your opinion will be bundled with all the others and just like a magnifying glass collects the rays of sunlight - show them that they have made a mistake or that they are doing good by you and others like you.

If you are an NGO, non-profit or academic institution

We want to work with you on advancing your cause or academic research. Provided your goal is aimed at making the world a better place for all or to advance scientific knowledge - do get in touch!

Contact us for Businesses & Institutions

The system helps increase your revenue by

  • Letting you understand in detail who your customers are - their age, gender, location, education, income bracket, interests, how much of an influencer they are online and more. All whilst protecting their privacy and your reputation.

  • Showing you second by second how they feel about your organization, product, service, staff and even about the whole sector in general - in real-time, 24/7, 365 days per year. All of it via a deliberate and precisely quantifiable method that is fun and easy to use for and by all.

  • Enabling you to monitor and identify problem areas early as well as where there is potential for growth, all based on the direct opinions of your customers. Even at a glance on your smartphone, tablet or laptop from any point at any time - always live, see what happens as it happens.

You will be able to

  • Increase the return on investment from all your marketing efforts by constantly discovering new and unexpected details about who your customers are, what they like and how they react. Thus you will be able to better target your advertising, discover cross-promotion opportunities and know what actually works.

  • See data differentiated by source, finally knowing how the audiences of the different media outlets react their respective coverage of the same PR effort.

  • Reap the benefits of having a non-stop “focus group” with unlimited participants all whilst seeing the data pour in live and have insights extracted by sophisticated artificial intelligence methods.

The platform and your organization is a platform for capturing, visualizing and analyzing the world’s opinion as it happens for all the topics you and your organization care about.

By building a platform that can service any kind and number of topics for any number of respondents we ensure that we cover all the use cases relevant for your organization. Wether you are in FMCG, HoReCa, banking or other - we provide the digital bridge between your customers / clients, to your mid-level professionals all the way to C-level executives. Everybody can have access to real-time insights, be it in depth analysis or an executive overall view, much akin to checking the movements on the stock exchange.

  1. First you choose the topics you need to get insights on. From that moment on, given that the topics are your brands, services and/or staff, only you have access to all insights on said topics.
  2. The second step is to get the data flowing. As soon as your topics are created on people are free to express their opinions of them. To get the most of the system you need to let your customers / clients. You can do this by adding the link to your topics on your packaging, promotional and advertising materials, at your points of sale, the name badges of your employees, any information exchange mechanisms you have in place (receipts, sms notifications, e-mails, facebook pages, etc.)
  3. We will work with you to implement best practices in order to make sure you get the best possible quality data.

The price is always right for you

We’ve taken great care to design our system so that it can service organizations from the very small to large multinationals. At prices that are a fraction of the cost of standard market research reports or even online surveys we will provide you with a live, real-time view of public opinion. Request a demo to see it in action and get an offer tailor made for your needs and budget.

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Partnering with Media & Agencies

A new source of revenue for your organization

We are forming various partnerships with all types of media companies - print, online, tv, radio - from creative individuals and youtube personalities to specialized media and large corporations. We call these “data acquisition partnerships”.

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