Let your customers be your thousands strong on-going focus group
Expected time to launch
5 to 9 weeks

Expected outcome
Positioning your organisation as the leading in your sector in service quality & customer satisfaction

“By being an independent third party we guarantee to both you and to your customers that all will be heard, understood and protected.”

-- Radoslav Raykov, CEO, consent.io

With the net.vote system we will open a modern new chapter in your relationship with your customers.

As part of this project we will ensure that each one of your current & potential, individual & business customers, will have a truly innovative, quick, easy & rewarding way to let you know exactly how they feel about any of your staff, services and products. All the while allowing you to get to know them like never before!

Project Goals
  • Add new, end-customer derived KPIs
  • Continuous mapping of the customer base
  • Increase customer retention
  • Improve marketing ROI through better targeting
  • Improve internal communication
  • Improve overall company image
  • Identify pain points in the mind of the customer
  • Receive early warnings for arising critical situations & lowering of quality of service

Project Scope
Business side
  • Cover all client acquisition processes
  • Cover all servicing of current clients
  • Enhance internal staff evaluation
  • Add more metrics to PR efforts
Technical side
  • Record & analyse voter metadata
  • Record & analyse voter shared data
  • Record & analyse voter generated data
  • Record & analyse algorithmically generated data