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Building dialogue through data - this is what we believe in

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"Public opinion has power like no other. If you are individual who wants to drive change, or a corporation that is willing to adapt to better serve its customers - this tool is for you."

Radoslav Raykov

CEO, Consent IO B.V.

Business development

The part of our team that works to make sure our clients & users get the most value possible

Iva Sakarova


Iva makes sure that all our operations are fully compliant with GDPR, EU law and the latest in ethical data & technology use. Our entire business is built on the ability to provide value in a way that can be trusted by both our clients & our individual users.

Anton Tumbev


Anton holds an MBA from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He will use his over 15 years of experience in B2B sales & international relations to make sure our solution meets your specific needs.

Radoslav Raykov


After spending close to 20 years gaining experience in the fields of strategic consulting, public relations & policy, Radoslav decided to take on the challenge of building a project aiming to democratise public opinion for the benefit of all.

Lev Chneider

Business Development Manager

Having gained experience developing high-profile telecom services globally, Lev joined the team to spearhead our expansion of markets. Lev is a native Dutch, Russian and English speaker and truly passionate about creating value for our partners.

Technology development

The part of our team that works relentlessly to drive our mission & values through code execution

Raymond Steers


With over 25 years of experience in complex server-side operations & management of diverse technical teams, Ray has built the technical foundations of the system.

Stanislav Stoychev

Senior Software engineer

Stan brings valuable experience in data wrangling & combines business methodologies with code flawlessly. Having spent years in the IT department of one of the top Market research companies globally, he ensures our system is built with global best practices.

Nikolay Kolev

Senior Front-end developer

Nickey has spent the last several years working with Stan at one of the top Market research agencies in the world. Now he makes sure that our tool & system's user interface and experience are continuously evolving in pursuit of functionality and beauty.

Hristo Iliev, PhD

Chief Data Scientist

Hristo earned his PhD in Physics from Sofia University, before taking his passion for discovery in the field of Data Science. He drives the team's efforts in creating value by applying the latest in Machine Learning techniques.

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